Mitel d.o.o. is a privately owned company founded in 2009. We offer complete services in following areas:

  • Automation systems
  • Electrical installation
  • Low current distribution cabinets
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Maintenance and service
  • BMS systems
  • Smart homes
  • Solar systems


Mitel d.o.o. is present in following markets:

  • Croatia (Headquarters), M. Gupca 62, 10295 Kupljenovo
  • Slovenia (Branch office), Cesta prvih borcev 41, 8250 Brežice
  • Austria

About us

Since its establishment, the company operates a stable and financially positive, resulting in increased business volume, and increasing the number of workers.

Our expert staff will choose the optimal solution for you, make the selection of equipment, quickly and within time delivering the equipment, install or provide the necessary technical support, and ensure commissioning.

During all our activities we take care about current legislation standards and ecological normes.

Long term experience, tousands of professionaly finnished installations and satisfied customers, are a guarantee of our quality.

Achieved bussines success has proven that only in this way we can build a bussines environment in which there is a gain for everyone.


Automation services

Automation solutions are our commitment from the simplest to the most complex processes.
Designing and creating software solutions according to a predefined project assignment. Each solution is individually tailored to the needs and requirements of the user himself. Hardware and software used for automation and surveillance are manufactured by Priva Group.

An expert team of automation specialists is able to work in the fields:

• Industry

• Construction

• Commercial buildings

• Smart homes

and depending on the area of activity, we can offer:

• Improved process efficiency

• Higher product quality

• Cost reduction

• Easy detection and error elimination

• Better maintenance efficiency

• Increased comfort

Company Mitel d.o.o provides installation and commisioning services for automation systems and integration with BMS system. New and inovative automation solutions are our motivation.


Electrical installations

Mitel company comprises of a skilled electrician teams that can provide installation of high and weak current applications. Your project is supervised by experts from the beginning till the end.

Our expert team of electricians is qualified for:

• Industrial electrical installations

• Commecial electrical installations

• Residential electrical installations

we guarantee quality and top performance in following fields:

Installation of grounding and lightning rod installations

Making high-power electrical installations

Production of low-voltage electrical installations (IT technology, intercom, antenna installation …

• Creation of protection installations (fire protection, alarm systems, video surveillance …)

• BMS installations

The expertise and quality of the performed works is ensured by our team of electricians, electrical engineers and electrical workers, who have succesfully completed a lot of highly demanding projects.



Low voltage distribution cabinets

In the near future, we plan to start and manufacture our own low voltage distribution boxes in areas of:

• Industry

• Construction

• Automation

• IT technologies

Our expert team of electrical engineers is responsible for the quality of preparation and preparation of documentation during project development and includes:

• Developement od single three-pole wiring schemes

• Front design schemes

• Thermal calculations

• Testing

• Publishing od neccessary certificates



Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Our professional team of refrigeration technicians and refrigeration mechanics is qualified for the performance of works in the field:

• Air conditioning and ventilation installations

• Heating / Cooling installations

During the execution of the works, we monitor your investment from the very beginning to the end, and we guarantee you the quality and top performance in the fields:

• Air conditioning installations

• Ventilation installations (natural and mechanical ventilation systems)

• Heating installations (central, underfloor, boiler rooms, heat pumps)

• Cooling installations (split, multisplit, VRV systems)

• Refrigiration systems (refrigiration cabinets and rooms)

The expertise and quality of our work is ensured by our team of refrigeration technicians, refrigeration mechanics and mechanics engineers who have done a great number of highly demanding projects over many years.



BMS / BAS systems

The overall experience of the central control system is summarized in the implementation of engineering, installation, configuration and settings of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cooling, control, measurement and monitoring systems parameters.

BMS offers solutions tailored to the company’s characteristics in accordance with the capabilities, needs and requirements of users, and utilizes proven software and hardware equipment from partners, renowned worldwide manufacturers.



Maintenance and service

After the realization of the project on numerous objects we remain at disposal as a maintenance service in several forms:

• Half year regular maintenance

• Yearly regular maintenance

• Call service

• Remote BMS connection

Highly specialized intervention / repair team as well as regular maintenance of both your own installations / equipment as well as on other existing facilities. Leaving for the intervention in the shortest possible time – we are at disposal with our partners 0-24h every day of the year.




We offer our customers services of thermograpy inspections which we perform with our modern field equippment. Thermograpy inspection includes recording, analysis, documentation and reports.
Testing includes:

• High voltage facilities
• Low voltage facilities
• Distribution cabinets
• Mechanics (electrical motors tec. pumps)





Mitel d.o.o

Matije Gupca 62, 10295 Kupljenovo Hrvatska (Ured)
Tel: 00 385 1 3394 103, Fax: 00 385 1 3394 113

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